House’s rules

Spending great holidays at the villa Salamander in Nantes, it’s also to comply with house’s rules, neighborhood and natural environment...
Maximum capacity is 20 people (children included), always rented entirely. If you want to shorten your stay, thank you to inform us 24 hours previously.

The villa is available from 5 pm and must be vacated by 10 am at the latest (with exceptions, to be discussed before). Past noon, the villa will be charged for an additional day.

We disclaim any responsibility for lost or stolen items.
It is forbidden to smoke anywhere in the house, be careful not to clog the toilets with anything (bins available in each WC), during bad weather, thank you to wipe your feet to keep clean places.

The villa Salamander is a relaxing place, so it is asked each resident to be discreet late in the evening, night and morning... as for the respect of the neighborhood.
The house allows to park around 5-6 cars on the parking, thank you not to park outside the villa for the respect of the neighborhood...
It is mandatory to take a shower before bathing.

The pool is equipped with a safety’s curtain; however, children remain under parent’s responsibility and supervision.

Do not bath in the presence of wounds and dressings, access to the pool is strictly reserved to the tenants indicated when renting.

Pets are allowed, but in respect of cleanliness (remove any dejection around the house or on the grass for the next guests).

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Live your holidays with style, calm, comfort for total relaxation in a wooded park.

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